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     Yes! Through our top of the line containment measures we are able to rip up that old tile flooring with the precision and care needed for a dustless tile removal

our process

     We use industrial grade high powered Hepa vacuums to stop dust at the source of the tile removal process. With specialized attachments for our tile demolition hammers we are able to suck up and filter 95% of all dust.


      The other 5% of dust during the tile removal service is then collected by our negative air machines which in turn clean and funnel the air outside, leaving you with a healthy dust free home.


      We of course also plastic off and contain any areas of the home not needing tile removal with durable high grade plastic and containment measures.

The Harm Of silicosis

     What is silicosis? It is a plaguing disease caused by the harmful inhalation of silica, a contaminant fount in tile and concrete dust, both of which are kicked into the air during tile removal.


     Often times silicosis starts simply with an innocent cough that eventually can develop into a high fever with sharp chest pains. This is accompanied by difficulty breathing and prolonged exposure can even result in permanent damage causing chronic conditions.


     While the dust seen in tile removal might seem harmless, that dust can have painful long reaching effects for those in your home.

Quality Assured From the foundation up we ensure that only top quality craftsmanship goes into your project. We do this by simply having pride in all we do and refusing to leave anything but a top grade finish. Also we pull out all the stops, holding nothing back. Your home is covered and protected, with levels being taken out at any chance to ensure a precision finish, by the book. With this level of commitment you can expect to be worry free and never have to deal with the hassles of poor workmanship and devastating mold outbreaks. READ MORE