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QUALITY ASSURED From the foundation up we ensure that only top quality craftsmanship goes into your project. We do this by simply having pride in all we do and refusing to leave anything but a top grade finish. Also we pull out all the stops, holding nothing back. Your home is covered and protected, with levels being taken out at any chance to ensure a precision finish, by the book. With this level of commitment you can expect to be worry free and never have to deal with the hassles of poor workmanship and devastating mold outbreaks. READ MORE
OUR COMMITMENT We believe in a higher standard of tile flooring here at TILECO. Our determination to stand out as one of the premier contractors in the area is unrivaled. It makes us painstakingly scrutinize our work and go above and beyond your expectations. It also makes us simply listen. We value our customers and do all we can to leave them just ecstatic. That means No messes, No hassles, just a clean finish. Most importantly though, the promises we make mean something to us. Project end dates are kept, finishes are prim and proposal prices honored. Count on us to deliver exceptional service with a high class finish.
WHO WE ARE We are a relatively young company with big aspirations. Our story started just a few years ago in the commercial realm, where we provided quality tile installation for commercial contractors. After having much success in this aspect of the industry, the decision was made to branch out into the residential field with aggressive advertising. Currently, we are comprised of one crew with minimal excess staff to keep our rates low. But don't let our small stature fool you, what we lack in company size is made up in quality personal service. And of course we are licensed and insured within the state of Colorado.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Our utmost concern is that your are completely satisfied with what you paid for. We stand by all our work and are committed towards a 100% satisfaction rating. If you have any concern, at any stage, know that we are there to find a solution.